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Media Relations

It’s been said that the difference between advertising and media relations is that advertising is what you say about your organization, but media relations is what other people say about you. Miller Public Affairs Group is one of the most respected communications firms in California and has handled media relations for national and state officeholders, corporate executives and some of the largest public policy campaigns and statewide measures in California. 

The essence of media relations is to provide positive third-party validation.  Although continually keeping your organization’s message in front of the media is a vital component of any media relations program, it also means developing and maintaining personal, effective relationships with key opinion leaders, editors and analysts, as well as providing them with timely, aggressive, ongoing relevant news that is helpful to them and promotes their possible future coverage of your campaign, product or service.  And while we provide the “block and tackle” portions of a media relations program, such as press releases, press kits and case studies, it is the strategic planning and relationship building of your media outreach program that provides the largest dividends.