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Crisis Management

Miller Public Affairs Group has helped many companies and organizations successfully come out of crisis situations. In today’s environment, reputation and crisis management issues are vitally important. Often, how you handle a crisis is as important as the crisis itself. Experience must be the overriding factor when choosing a firm to help you with your most intimate issues.    

A crisis can be defined as an issue, situation or event that poses a significant risk for the organization and attracts widespread public and media attention. When applicable, it is particularly important that such organizations be prepared to effectively and rapidly handle communications around potential crises. The organization needs to be ready in these situations to protect its image, retain strong positive relationships with the media and other key constituencies, and ensure that its associates feel well informed and well instructed about how to handle the situation. When such a crisis occurs, it demands special communications efforts well beyond normal public relations and communications techniques.

During its history, Miller Public Affairs Group has played a major role in directing and implementing effective crisis management for a number of its clients, resulting in minimized risk, as well as applying a positive “spin” that mitigates negative exposure and promotes its clients’ attributes in a professional, proactive manner.