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Case #2: Employer Health Care Coalition

The Challenge

As the health care reform debate began to heat up in California and at the national level, Miller Public Affairs Group was retained to engage large employers, including Fortune 500 companies, in a business-led coalition committed to advancing market-based health care reform.

The vision was for this coalition to engage very substantively on the policy issues and to bring the experience and knowledge of the employer community to the health care reform public policymaking table.

Employer Healthcare Coalition: The Miller Public Affairs Group Approach

The Miller Public Affairs Group Approach

We knew that, as this debate developed, myriad of coalitions advocating for different types of reform would come into existence. We also knew that the key to successfully building an influential coalition was finding unifying policy principles around which we could build consensus among our target members. Once we had buy-in on those principles we also knew we needed to build a public profile for the coalition both to advance its agenda and grow its membership.

The Miller Public Affairs Group Solution

Working with key founding coalition members, we first developed a set of five key unifying principles around which this coalition was built. From that point forward, our team worked to recruit more than 35 members prior to our public launch. We successfully worked to launch the coalition both in Washington, DC and California, drawing key lawmakers to our launch press conferences to stand shoulder to shoulder with member CEOs in calling for comprehensive health care reform.

Employer Healthcare Coalition: The Miller Public Affairs Group Solution

Following this launch, Miller Public Affairs Group worked with members to establish the coalition with the media and key stakeholders through earned and paid media efforts, the website and communication with key decision makers. After the successful launch of this coalition, it was a key player not only in health care reform discussions in Sacramento but also on Capitol Hill and has become one of the most influential employer health care coalitions in the nation.